Granada, Nicaragua,
Sound and Vision

Cada Quien Por Su Cuenta | Granada, Nicaragua

After 13 years of absence, Laura is reunited with her brother, Gustavo. Due to the resentment that she has to him for his separation, Gustavo offers to spend a day in Granada to reconcile with her.

"Each On Their Own" is the Ponete Cómodo Producciones' debut, in collaboration with Gil González PRoducciones, and the first project of its director. It is a Nicaraguan short drama-comedy, made with almost no budget and with the resources that were available to the filmmakers.

Find Me Free | Central America

Destyn Patera has created a beautiful and moving video highlighting some of the wonder and beauty of Nicaragua. Scenes of Leon, Granada, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe y más. It all reminds me why I'm so thankful to be here. Enjoy and hope we meet soon.

Granada Nicaragua - First As Visitor, then as resident?

You would not be the first visitor to Nicaragua who, while enjoying the sites and sounds of the city, didn't also begin to imagine what it might be like to live here part, or full time. We'd be happy to introduce you to a few of the folks who've made that transition work for them, and have found a life and lifestyle that suits them comfortably.

Nicaragua, A breathtaking Experience!

This amazing video was taken in Nicaragua's beautiful San Juan del Sur, Mombacho and Momotombo Volcanoes, Cerro Negro, Masaya, San Juan River and Granada. Enjoy the video and we'll see you in Nicaragua soon, ¡buen viajes!

Qué ver en GRANADA la ciudad más bonita de Nicaragua

¿VAS A VISITAR GRANADA? Posiblemente sea el pueblo más bonito de Nicaragua, una ciudad colonial de la que te enamorarás.

Nicaragua and you...
a time you won't forget