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¡Si! Granada Nicaragua extends an invitation to all travelers to discover Granada Nicaragua. The colonial jewel of Nicaragua since 1524... volcanos and lakes, art and architecture, music, traditions, food and drink. ¡bienvenidos means welcome!


"Bienvenidos means welcome"
Granada, Nicaragua


Granada was founded in 1524 and is “the oldest city in central america” established during the Spanish occupation. The city has a fascinating history – during colonial times Granada was attacked repeatedly by pirates, and later civil war. At various times during the 19th century, the city was the nation's capital.


Today, life in Granada is much more tranquilo, safe and secure. The renaissance of interest in Granada and Nicaragua as a traveller destination began in the early years of this century. Preservation, restoration and renovation of the city have been an important part of the attraction.


Granada, Nicaragua
a time you won't forget



With 100+ restaurants catering to all tastes, from local traditional dishes to international cuisine, baho to babaganoush...



With volcanos to our north and south, a great lake at our shore, and another crater lake just next door, hiking, biking, paddleboard...



Rooms enough for all, B & Bs
to homestays, hostels to hotels,
every budget and experience...